Camping Village Isola Verde

Eco-friendly Camping

We are committed to ensuring a sustainable future for the next generations.

Our camping village is committed to ensuring a sustainable future for future generations. We are proud to adopt responsible environmental practices that reduce the impact on the surrounding ecosystem .

For this reason, we have introduced energy saving programs, such as the use of renewable sources for the production of electricity and the installation of low consumption lights. Furthermore, we are promoting sustainable tourism by encouraging the use of ecological means of transport and separate waste collection.

Come and experience nature in a responsible and sustainable ! We believe that a sustainable tourism can improve not only the environment, but also the your vacation experience.

Energy saving

Electricity is supplied by 'certified operators' and from renewable sources only. Our lighting is completely green and based on LED sources, and all luminaires in the village follow very high energy efficiency classes.

100% waste recycling

Each accommodation is provided with its own waste collection buckets. We personally collect the waste from each accommodation, just like in a real municipality. This allows us to carefully control the correct disposal of waste.

Charging columns

We have installed an electric vehicle charging station within our facility. Only electric vehicles are used for internal public transport.

0 km products

The restaurant buys most of its raw materials from local producers in order to favour a circular policy of promoting the territory and enhancing typicality.