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Zoomarine is water amusement park in Lazio near Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome

Dolphins, seals and sea lions are the protagonists at Zoomarine

Zoomarine is one of the many amusement parks in Italy, located in the area of Torvaianica in Lazio in the Pomezia commune near Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome. It was first created as a water park, but it was built up in time to become a versatile site.

The park offers various shows and activities, the most popular of which are shows with dolphins, sea lions and seals, tropical birds and birds of prey, as well as diving shows, 4D Cinema and a water park with pools and water slides able to host up to 5000 visitors.

Zoomarine has attractions for all ages, “Vertigo and Squalotto” roller-coaster; log flume “Blue River”; water slide “Harakiri”; close interactions with dolphins guided and supervised by experts “Emozione Delfini”, tropical beach with sand “Zoomarine Beach” and “Dinosaurs Era” an interactive itinerary in a prehistoric forest populated by real size dinosaur’s animatronics in motion.