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Nettuno’s old town

The old town in the centre of Nettuno is the historic hub of the city

Experience the history of Nettuno by visiting its old town near Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome

Nettuno’s old town, close to Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome, is the historic site of this Tyrrhenian city. It’s located on Matteotti boulevard, a few steps away from the sea, nearby Isola Verde Camping Village.

Old town is often related to medieval history, but some trace its origins further back in time. Once it was the port and the most ancient part of the Volscian town of Antium, area today separated in the cities of Anzio and Nettuno.

The old town is today a residential area in Nettuno. Houses are mainly located on the streets and the square, and along the walls of the town and two towers. It is popular among Nettuno’s residents for the church of San Giovanni and several shops and retailers.

In the evening, especially in summer, the streets of the old town are very popular for the many pubs, bars, ice-cream parlours, vine bars, clubs and restaurants.