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Museum of the Landing

Isola Verde Camping Nettuno is close to the Museum of the Landing in Anzio of the Allies

16 minutes to the Museum of the Landing

The Museum of the Landing, close to Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome, was opened on the 22nd January 1994 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary from the landing in Anzio. It is located in one of the halls of the 17th century building Villa Adele, only a short walk from the train station and from the town center of Anzio.

The Museum has been realized under the initiative of the “Center for research and documentation on the landing and the battle of Anzio” and it is separated in four sections: American, English, German and Italian.

Behind the window displays you will be able to observe authentic uniforms, weapons, ornaments, documents, battle plans, pictures of veterans and daily-use tools. The museum has a photographic collection, tapes archive, library and newspapers collection. Flags, records of printings, vehicles and much more enrich the original collection which grows in size and value with each donation from other museums and veteran associations from the belligerent countries.