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Manzù Museum

Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome is close to Manzù Museum

20 mins to the Manzù Museum

The Manzù collection in Area is found at km32 of Via Laurentina, and it’s one of the four museums connected to the National Modern Art Gallery in Rome (close to Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome). It was open on 22nd May 1969 and donated to the Italian government ten years after, the collection was then open to the public in 1981 and it hosts the mortal remains of Manzù himself (Bergamo 1908-Ardea 1991).

The collection presents over eighty items, featuring sculptures, drafts and medals, most of which bronze, created by Manzù between 1927 and 1984. Further, there are about 330 drawings, prints and sketches of theatrical costume made from 1940 till 1980.

Of special interest, the archive of the collection, which consists of many printed documents form 1930 till 2000.