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Circeo National Park

Circeo is among the most striking beauties of the South Lazio

Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome is close to Circeo National Park where the sea and the mountain are blending beauties

Circeo National Park is located in the south of the Lazio region and nearby Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome. It is a relatively small and isolated promontory, rising together with the mountain in Gaeta on the coast of the Tyrrhenian, with other ramifications in the area of Latina.

Mount Circeo is the highest among the picks in the area, also known as Mount Circello. Paths to the top of Mount Circeo are of medium difficulty and it takes about 4h and 30mins to complete a full ring of the mountain, departing from and returning to Torre Paola, in Sabaudia.

Circeo is surrounded by the Pontine plain, which before the reclamation of the land use to be a waste swamp area, it is believed that it had been once surrounded by water.

Today, the mountain stops the 20 km of beach stretching from Sabaudia to Marina di Latina. The beach continues at the other side of the mountain in the proximity of the touristic port of San Felice Circeo.