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Castel Romano Outlet

Castel Romano is the heart of shopping in Lazio

Enjoy shopping your favourite brands nearby Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome

The Outlet Castel Romano Shopping Village is among the most popular outlets in Lazio, and it is known as the Roman Temple of shopping. Located only a short drive away from Isola Verde Camping in Nettuno (Rome).

Half away in between the cities of Pomezia and Castel Porziano, Castel Romano is located in the centre of Agro Pontino, about 25 Km from the city centre of Rome and not far from Tyrrhenian coast. Castel Romano Designer Outlet is part of the British chain of McArthurGlen and the most popular Outlet Villages in Lazio.

More than 110 shops constitute the selection of mono-brand and multi-brand stores available at Castel Romano Outlet Village. This is the ideal place to shop quality, with a wide range of items and the most popular brands, and there is more than just fashion.