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Cantina Bacco

Locally produced in Nettuno branded Cantina Bacco

Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome is close to Cantina Bacco wine business

Cantina Bacco in Nettuno, located near Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome has ancient roots. For this reason, this wine business has a strong tie with local wine history, and it links its tradition with the ones of the ancient Roman Empire.
It is not a coincidence that wine produced by Cantina Bacco has reached international markets, its quality is recognized worldwide.

Cantina Bacco offers the opportunity to witness and acknowledge the history of the families, the tradition and the innovation that distinguishes its product.

The start of Cantina Bacco took place thanks to the initiative of some local producers united by the desire to farm and protect local grape vines with a long historic tradition.
This initiative is dated back in 1973 and today Cantina Bacco is managed by the third generation of the same families that created it.