Lavinium Museum

Isola Verde - Museo Lavinium Pomezia

Isola Verde Camping Village is 32 minutes away from the Archeological Lavinium Museum The civic archeological Lavinium museum is located in Pratica di Mare, an area of Pomezia, near the old town of Lavinio and Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome. It was open in 2005 as a permanent exhibition under the name “Hic Domus Aeneae”. […]

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Anzio cemetery

Camping Villaggio Nettuno Roma - Cimitero inglese di Anzio

English cemetery in Anzio Close to Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome, the English cemetery in Anzio The English military cemetery located in Anzio, near Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome, hosts the mortal remains of 1928 English soldiers and soldiers from the colonies. At the entrance of the cemetery a marble block stands out as a […]

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Nettuno cemetery

Cimitero Americano Nettuno - Lazio - Camping Villaggio Isola Verde

American cemetery in Nettuno in the memory of the fallen soldiers The soldiers who fought in the Second World War are remembered in the cemetery of Nettuno, nearby Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome The American cemetery in Nettuno, in the Lazio region nearby Isola Verde Camping Nettuno Rome, is a military cemetery dedicated to the […]

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